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Helsinki HPV vaccination symposia 2000 - 2012

In collaboration with the Finnish Medical Association, University of Helsinki and University of Tampere have organized a series of scientific symposia on the prevention of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and its sequelae. From this webpage you can find conference reports of the first (2000) and fourth (2012) symposia, videotaped lectures and the lecture slides.

To name just a few highlights of the first symposium, the basics of HPV biology (HPV carcinogenesis, Dr. H. zur Hausen), genetics (HPV and HIV being opposites as vaccination targets, Dr. A. Halpern) and HPV infection epidemiology (the dynamic state of HPV16 epidemics followed by rapid increase in cervical cancer incidence in Finland, Dr. J. Dillner) were highlighted. Furthermore clinical vaccine efficacy studies and their long-term follow-up were planned (by Drs. A. Hildesheim and M. Lehtinen) as well as the idea of community-randomized effectiveness studies to identify best HPV vaccination strategies launched (Dr. K. Holmes).

As for the fourth symposium 14 videotaped lectures and their introductionary extracts are available for viewing at this webpage as well as corresponding slides of the distinguished lecturers (please, see the complete symposium program). Again to name a few of the highlights, safety (Drs. S. Wacholder and J. Paavonen) and efficacy data on the most stringent end-points in males and females for the two vaccines (Drs. D. Apter, K. Ault and A.Hildesheim) were presented. Furthermore, 5-year experience from the first national (Australian) HPV vaccination program (Dr. M.Saville) and mathematical modelling on the combination of HPV vaccination and screening (Dr. I. Baussano) were presented.

>> 2012 4th Human Papillomavirus vaccination symposium

>> Video HPV vaccination symposium 2012 lecture extracts

>> 2000 1st HPV vaccination symposium, Conference report (pdf)

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